pratishta institute of pharmaceutical science

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Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Science is one of the top pharmacy colleges in India that provides courses like D Pharm, B Pharm, M Pharm and Pharm D.

Who We Are

Set Your Career in Pharmacy

Pratistha Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, affiliated with the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), is dedicated to providing high-quality education in pharmacy. Our mission is to nurture future pharmacists with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values needed in the industry. We offer comprehensive programs including D.Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, and Pharm D, tailored to meet industry demands.

At Pratistha Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, we integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application and research. Our state-of-the-art laboratories, experienced faculty, and industry partnerships ensure a well-rounded education. We are committed to fostering innovation, critical thinking, and lifelong learning among our students.

Special Features
That Make Us Different

Learning is a long term process and thus it needs to have features that makes learning easy and successful. With years of vibrant reputation, we are proud to say that we have some of the best educational features for students.

NAAC-A Graded Reputed College

100% Placement with Foreign Internship Facility

Raging-Free Academic Environment

Practicals in Govt & Pvt Hospitals as Duty Doctor

In-Campus High Security Girls Hostel

D Pharm

The D.Pharm course at Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Science provides foundational education in pharmaceutical sciences, emphasizing practical skills and theoretical knowledge. This program prepares students for various roles in the healthcare sector, ensuring a strong career start in pharmacy.

D Pharm

The B.Pharm course at Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Science offers comprehensive training in pharmaceutical sciences. It covers drug formulation, clinical practices, and research methodologies, preparing students for diverse careers in pharmacy, healthcare, and research industries.

M Pharm

The M.Pharm course at Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Science provides advanced education in pharmaceutical sciences. It focuses on specialized areas such as pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and medicinal chemistry, preparing students for leadership roles in research, academia, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Doctor of Pharmacy

Why Pharm D

The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) program at Pratistha Institute of Pharmaceutical Science is essential in today’s healthcare landscape. The demand for professionals with clinical expertise is growing. Pharm D graduates possess advanced knowledge in pharmacotherapy, patient care, and medication management, which improves patient outcomes and reduces medication errors. This program also prepares pharmacists for leadership roles, research, and education. By bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers, Pharm D professionals at Pratistha Institute enhance the quality and efficacy of healthcare services.

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