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Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Science offers diverse programs: D.Pharm for foundational skills, B.Pharm for comprehensive pharmaceutical education, M.Pharm for advanced specialization, and Pharm.D for clinical pharmacy expertise. Each course is designed to equip students for successful careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

D Pharm

The D.Pharm course at Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Science provides foundational education in pharmaceutical sciences, emphasizing practical skills and theoretical knowledge. This program prepares students for various roles in the healthcare sector, ensuring a strong career start in pharmacy.

D Pharm

The B.Pharm course at Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Science offers comprehensive training in pharmaceutical sciences. It covers drug formulation, clinical practices, and research methodologies, preparing students for diverse careers in pharmacy, healthcare, and research industries.

M Pharm

The M.Pharm course at PIPS provides advanced education in pharmaceutical sciences. It focuses on specialized areas such as pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and medicinal chemistry, preparing students for leadership roles in research, academia, and the pharmaceutical industry.

D Pharm

The Pharm.D course at Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Science integrates clinical practice with pharmaceutical education. It focuses on clinical pharmacy, and medication management, preparing students for roles as clinical pharmacists in hospitals, healthcare settings, and advanced research environments.

How to Get Enrolled

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    We publish the list of selected and waitlisted candidates, as well as inform them via mail/phone. Interested candidates can enroll within the mentioned date.

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